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 I’M WALKING YOU THROUGH A COMPLETE RENOVATION THAT MADE $99 K IN 35 DAYS – PURE PROFIT.  Every step that made the difference between an ordinary sale and an extraordinary result. Did I mention, the entire renovation cost just $6 k?

 THE RIGHT  RESEARCH TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL PROPERTY RENOVATION.  We’ll dive into the systems that will get you started and finally uncover the truth to planning and researching.

WHY YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS KNOWLEDGE SO YOU CAN CREATE MORE MONEY NOW (and how to get “expert information” that will make you light years ahead of the rest)

HOW TO CONFIDENTLY CHOOSE THE RIGHT PROPERTY OPPORTUNITIES (no matter what your current knowledge is or even if you don’t feel “ready”)


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As soon as you register you’ll get a bonus quick start guide: The Creative Renovator’s Guide to Epic Profit. A 5 point checklist for renovating property for profit.


“Renovating is a strategy that millionaire property entrepreneurs and my own students have had enormous success in making more money renovating property.


If your a woman that wants to create you own profitable renovation consulting business, this  second BONUS training will help you create the career you desire”

Exclusive Bonus 2

For WOMEN: How to become a successful Renovation Consultant. Video training for woman who want to create a successful career in renovating property for clients.

Cathy Morrissey is the CEO and founder of The Reno Chick and The  Renovation College. She teaches entrepreneurial Renovators how to create Lucrative Renovation Businesses.

Cathy’s first ‘cosmetic renovation’ home was purchased in 1996 – The Old St. David’s Manse is a gorgeous late 1800’s house she lovingly restored.

This was her ‘College’. And, want to know the best part? This home was sold and had a profit of around 300 k with a 1970’s cosmetically restored kitchen and the original 1950’s bathroom. (Both of these were jazzed up with a bit of paint and imagination!) 

“The Renovation College is an online college that helps ordinary Australians learn the art of Renovating Houses for Profit – every time they buy a property.

 Cosmetic renovation’s yield the most ROI if you know the right system. Helping property entrepreneurs create a business, life AND a property business they love!!”



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