Meet Danny and Brendan!


They started with an ‘ex-housing commission’ house in the outer suburbs of the south coast and before long, they were buying a Penthouse in Paradise! (Wollongong NSW) These guys were the ONLY students that learnt and put into practice during the course, put simply they were ready to grab the knowledge and run with it!

Danny and Brendan’s  property has sky-rocked since implementing the course material. Hear how they gained their equity PLUS they were able to get a better quality tenant AND an extra $20 rent per week.

Danny says: “The course taught us which properties to focus on and exactly where we should spend our money”

Meet Paola!

Paola has added value to two properties PLUS while doing the course, she brought a house and had a baby! She is a real go getta!

Listen in to Paola as she tells us that the property she purchased while doing The 5 Rules of Renovation well, lets just say she changed her mind. And not on a small scale! She brought a 5 bedroom home and is in the process of creating a rooming house.

“The Renovation College has given me a whole set of skills and the confidence to buy, renovate and sell properties”

Meet Aprel!

Aprel is another seasoned property investor. Hear how she and her husband Michael managed to turn around what could have been a disaster!

You will hear how Aprel hasn’t finished her renovation but she has done enough to tenant the property for the highest price on record.

“The kitchen transformation cost us the least, and it has had an amazing effect. We haven’t finished, but we didn’t need to, we got it to a good rental stage and are soo pleased with the tenants and the price we got! I’ve decided to make this a career, and I know its possible. Thanks again!” Aprel Faulkner, Victoria.

Meet Angela!

Angela has owned property in the past and even done some minor renovations. She has a business she loves but she’s wanted to for a very long time, learn more about renovating houses and selling them for a profit.

Hear what Angela has to say about what shes learnt and how she plans to implement the knowledge in the new year.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for ages! When I saw this course I didn’t hesitate – I signed up and i have no regrets! The material is amazing!” Angela. Victoria

Meet Helen!

Helen and Paul (and Pete the dog) have renovated many a house and they make an exceptional team, that has produced some amazing results. Only problem was, they didn’t always make a lot of money in their Reno’s….

That was until they stumbled upon two things: The Renovation College and a system that works exclusively for their town. Hear their story, these guys are amazing!

“Cathy has taught us to plan, budget and focus on what will make a difference and make money. ‘Minimum spend, maximum impact is our new motto and it’s working!” Helen. S.A.

Meet Jenni!

Jenni recently found herself doing some odd jobs around her Mum’s home. She owns her own property in Victoria and was considering selling when she stumbled across this course. Hear her story.

“I’ve fallen in love with renovating! When I saw the 5 ROR Course I signed up immediately” Jenni.

“I’ve been wanting to create a new career. This course has given me what I need  to know,  to get this new business started. I’ve saved thousands on my property styling on my home for working with Cathy and, I’m going to put the rest of the info to good use by buying and selling again!” Jenni. Victoria.

Meet Todd!

Todd has 8 properties, already. He joined the course to learn more. Hear his story. “I’ve doubled my money already renovating. Now I want to learn how” to turn this into a business and work towards leaving my current job and create a career out of this” Todd Taylor.

Todd says: “When you find someone who has done this before, you connect with them and get the mentoring you need”

“Working with a mentor saves you thousands and thousands of dollars. When you are working with houses this is hundreds and thousands of dollars – this is not the time to make mistakes!” Todd Taylor. Newcastle.

Meet Jhai!

“Working with Cathy has given me the opportunity to get inside the head of a Renovator. I’ve learnt things I didn’t know existed” Jhai Mitchell NSW

“My wife and I now have the knowledge we need to renovate with a system, over and over again!” Jhai Mitchell NSW

“We are both renovating and developing our tenanted property. This course has made it easy to do that” Jhai Mitchell. NSW

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Cathy Morrissey The Reno Chick

The Renovation College

Here is just some of the men and women who have joined the Renovation College and are sharing their story.

These guys & gals, thought BIG and started Small.

These people are everyday ‘hero’s’ just like you who have been wanting to improve their property knowledge.

 They took a leap of faith when they joined The 5 Rules of Renovation Course.

They have all learnt what they ‘didn’t know’ about research, renovating & the requirements that are necessary to create properties & income with a repeatable system.

ALL of these people gained the confidence to invest in property and themselves. Everyone is at different stages of their journey and a lot, have gone on to greater things. They are ordinary people just like YOU.

These are their stories. 




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