If you’re looking to use Cosmetic Renovations for PROFIT, to create EQUITY, a New BUSINESS OR you already have an Interior Design or Property Styling Business, YOU need to grab this NOW.




Specific AND practical advice on how to build or grow your renovation business from Australian industry leaders. 

You’ll meet the Joint Venture Strategy Queen, Felicity Heffernan that has at one time had, a total of 151 properties. She also tells how she’s  used renovations to increase these properties faster and the exact system she used to create her massive portfolio.

Introducing Australia’s original Property Millionaire and Educator Dymphna Boholt who teaches her students how to achieve life-long financial freedom through investing in real estate.

You’ll hear from 4 Ex-Blockheads who between them have renovated millions of dollars in property BUT it hasn’t ALL been rosy. In fact Carlene, tells the story of how they LOST MONEY by going on the tv show The Block, and how she and Michael turned everything around to now have their own tv show.

 PLUS You’ll hear from other experts AND my students. There’s case studies (and no one can beat a case study for ACTUAL facts on educating themselves FIRST before they purchased and renovated and how four of these students took this information and created their own business. REAL PEOPLE with real renovation stories that aren’t just about the money – YOUR going to hear their personal story too!



One of my most popular videos, Selling for Profit will give you the EXACT steps to create winning sales on your property.

I’ve also included a COMPLETE LIST of every trade you could imagine and the EXACT sequence you need to put them in to renovate and make BIG returns from houses. Valued at $97 – FREE!

“I’ve interviewed some of Australia’s finest including celebrity renovators, millionaire property entrepreneurs and even my own students that have had enormous success renovating property. I broke down each interview and and made it EASY for you so you can take their strategies and put them into your very own renovation business.”


What others say:

During the time I worked with Cathy, I looked for opportunities to apply the knowledge in various properties and it feels great to realize that with Cathy’s help I’ve been able to buy a house and add equity to all three houses, I and my husband own. She is also working with me 1 on 1 on the renovation of a property I’m converting into a Rooming house, which will increase my family’s passive income. I’m applying my new learning’s in my business. It’s a very exciting phase in my life. Cathy is great at teaching, & displays the behavior, & attitude to business and life that you seek in a great mentor” 

Paola Tapia, Founder and CEO: Refurb for Profit

“Cathy’s course had given me the confidence to build a property portfolio that is affordable and maintainable. I have learnt how to add value to a property efficiently and economically, and how to choose the properties best suited to this strategy. And the results look amazing. Cathy’s enthusiasm is motivating and encouraging. Her experience and expertise are evident in her classes, and there is always room to ask questions. The course had great content as well as valuable inclusions, including contacts for other industry professionals. I highly recommend Cathy’s course for anyone who loves to renovate property and make money. Exciting times ahead.”

Toni Riley
Port Macquarie 

“… I now understand why an artist needs a muse, a business person needs a mentor, men and women need to feel worthy of  something … I’ve been lost for so long, out of control looking for inspiration and guidance, the cold hard facts to shake me and get me out  of this never ending hole of self doubt I keep shoveling away at!!!….I will be forever grateful for pressing the button and seeing your smiling face staring at me saying “You’ve got this”….. After tonight’s call….I can truly say and believe…”I’ve got this”!! Big Love always my amazing mentor Cathy Morrissey xxx
Em Anderson
Founder and CEO of Luxe Renovations

Here’s a closer look at your Experts:

“These strategies will become one of your BIGGEST tools for creating award winning and profitable renovation businesses.”


Cathy Morrissey is the CEO and founder of The Reno Chick and The  Renovation College. She teaches entrepreneurial Renovators how to create Lucrative Renovation Businesses.

Cathy’s first ‘cosmetic renovation’ home was purchased in 1996 – The Old St. David’s Manse is a gorgeous late 1800’s house she lovingly restored.

This was her ‘College’. And, want to know the best part? This home was sold and had a profit of around 300 k with a 1970’s cosmetically restored kitchen and the original 1950’s bathroom. (Both of these were jazzed up with a bit of paint and imagination!) 

“The Renovation College is an online college that helps ordinary Australians learn the art of Renovating Houses for Profit – every time they buy a property.

 Cosmetic renovation’s yield the most ROI if you know the right system. Helping property entrepreneurs create a business, life AND a property business they love!!”

When she’s not teaching in The Renovation College, Cathy is empowering more women to take a stand, re-invent themselves and create careers they love. Private 1-1 mentoring, retreats and overseas luxury seminars are just a small part of her world. Come and say Hi!


Contact us at: info@therenovationcollege.com.au


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