Predicting what the next design & colour trends are going to be, is quite scientific. In fact, it takes a huge amount of data to predict what’s coming. And that’s on a global level.

These clever scientific people that are gathering this information are then able to work out what’s going to be the next trend for the following year. To add to that, they keep a close eye on new designer works and artists that are creating a storm. So now you understand the ‘how’ let’s get into the exciting part… and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but for anyone that was around in the 70’s and loved terracotta – it’s baaaack!!

Now before you get excited thinking your original terracotta tiles are back, I’m going to burst your bubble a little.

The ‘new look’ terracotta tile is a more ‘matte’ finish and reminds me of a Mediterranean or Spanish look that belongs in a fabulous little home or villa in another country.

The terracotta tile will not be for everyone and the trick with be to make sure you aren’t creating too much of a rustic look – that could flop very quickly!!

The warmth of autumn colors and dark greens are another surprise that’s making a comeback. We’ve already started to see the greens in shows like The Block. Be inspired with the luxury of dark green velvet and plants that are luscious.

And paint colour’s have really been shaken up! With the introduction of warm oranges and dark greens, our 2017 walls are going to be colorful for sure.

With all of this warmth, it brings me to a trend that I’ve been loving for years – gold, rose gold and beautiful coppers.

And, they are here to stay!! The experts all agree that the beautiful warm metal colour’s are still going to be a hot trend in 2017.

Luckily, that touch of luxury is here to stay.

Well, if you thought terracotta tiles were never going to re-surface, this one is going to knock you over – dark timber has made a comeback.

The blonde timbers we’ve become accustomed to over the past few years are leaving the building and the rich dark walnut shades are back.

Whether it’s in the bathroom or anywhere in our homes, the beautiful richness of the walnut colour enhances the dark greens and autumn tones. Finish these luxurious tones with metal accents and your home will become a 2017 designer masterpiece.

Cathy Morrissey.