You want a purpose, a reason to jump out of bed everyday and maybe leave a legacy for future generations to come. Your ready to learn exactly what it takes to take on 5 – 6 figure renovation or property business and get the right website, branding and marketing. But you cant seem to make it happen….

Maybe you’ve been thinking you can bust through if you only…. (list the excuse here)

But here’s the truth: You can not ‘bust’ through what you don’t realize is holding you from making the money you’d like too.

Creating a powerful message that turns into money, creating a brand that people love and most of all….

You have to BECOME the person that you’re looking for to help you.

Let. that. sink. in.

Think about it like this… Pick someone that you admire. Now, what story are they relaying? What is their core message?

It is NOT what your doing, that is keeping your bank account from growing, it is who you need to become to have the life & money you desire.

I’m going to share with you a story of the very first time I ever helped someone renovate their house……

My client had gone through a lot in his life.

He was one of those people that you would look at and think “That dude has gone through more s##t in his lifetime than anyone I had ever met”

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This included:

1. Loosing a million dollars on a failed business venture

2. His wife had an affair.

3. He had a lawsuit brought against him from a family member.

4. He got divorced.

5. His new relationship had broken up.

and the most heartbreaking of all…

He had lost a child. His teenage daughter had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

As you can imagine, not only did his life fall apart, his home was in exactly the state as his mind was. Messy.

Nothing had been done to this home for some time. In fact the yard was soo overgrown that he had become embarrassed to have anyone around.

His daughter’s room was closed up, and the section of the home where the kids bedrooms were, was simply a mess.

He had stopped inviting people around and in fact, lived like a recluse.

I had never encountered anyone like this before. What was to happen next, was the first step to transforming his life and mine.

I was in the middle of working with him and suddenly a thought flew into my mind – this work was healing someone and changing his life!

Now I had never thought like that before and I admit it was a little scary.

Prior to this happening I thought I just renovated houses! I had no clue that renovating houses REALLY did change lives!

Holy crap did I have to step up. Now I think someone above must have thought all of this was very funny, because believe me, this was not what I signed up for.

But as I continued to attract more clients like this, I realized that I’d been playing small. I was not bringing my tru gifts to the world….

Interior Designers, Property Stylists, Renovators & Business Owners (or you want to be) ….

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You ALL have a gift that only YOU can bring to the world. 

But up till now, you haven’t used your full potential.

And let me tell you waiting costs you more pain than you could have ever imagined, you are staying in a place you don’t want to be and that’s called struggle street!

It gets worse and worse until you change that.

Now if you’ve done the course’s, you’ve tried things on your own but you are still where you don’t want to be, maybe its time to get the mentoring you need to create that business you’ve been dreaming of.

No more thinking small. It’s time.

Live’s WILL change and you will make more money.

Very soon you will have clients falling over themselves to work with YOU.

Your transformation is waiting. 

Perpetual struggle is NOT what you signed up for.

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