The Renovation Strategies that Celebrity’s and Renovation Royalty Use….

You’ve watched The Block, your addicted to the Nine LIFE channel and you are in LOVE with renovating!

On my quest to make the The Renovation College  and ts material the best it can be, I interviewed a ton of Aussie renovators and asked them how they mastered renovating. I found a new breed of Rock Star Renovators who have amazing property businesses.

The best part? These women have proven that you can create almost ANY type of of renovation business and succeed at it!. Its great news for those that have worried they couldn’t do this for themselves.

These women  have made a ton of money AND created beautiful transformations in homes that in turn, changes someones life. (There’s a few stories of failure that has been turned around too proving, that failing your way to success can happen too)

I interviewed 15 Aussie Renovators and Property Entrepreneurs that have ALL found a platform to both ‘Launch’ and ‘Establish’ their business. I also interviewed 5 students and I’ve included their ‘Case Studies’ so that you can hear about real people doing what YOU’d like to do.

What do blockheads Ebony, Caro, Carlene and Kim, Alice from Domain and this seasons The Block, an Agent, a Financial Wizard, Million $$ Property Stylists, a Property Entrepreneur that has more properties than I have shoes! and my very own R.C. Students have in common?

They’ve LEARNT how to DOMINATE Renovations.   

Here’s just a few of the things from these powerhouses: 

Strategies for creating profitable renovations.  

The secret that styling queen’s use on multi million dollar properties and add hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

Learn the strategy this renovator is teaching her kids to create financial freedom with renovations as the strategy.

A simple process that has helped these renovators design better spaces that attract the right clients.

It’s absolute GOLD. I CAN assure YOU, no-one is doing this in this industry. No-one is talking about what it really takes…

Until NOW.

Let’s be clear: Every.Single.One.of.Those.Renovators have done the hard yards. They had to do their ‘trade’ first. By completing courses and actually renovating/designing/styling properties to get REAL results.

Some of these women started on TV.

Some started by becoming property millionaires, then created education programs to teach others, what they have learnt by trial and error.

Some have started in the ‘trenches’ (me).

These tips? They’ll STOP you from making mistakes.

Because every ONE of these renovators…

ALL of them, have succeeded in creating winning renovations and a ton of money from their hard work.

Now their giving back and sharing their tips and strategies to help you get started or re-invented in your renovation/interior design/property styling business.

You can pick up your FREE pdf here.