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Discover How to Renovate Houses, and learn the Secrets that create 5 and 6 Figure Profits on ordinary houses, here.

You have to ‘ask’ for what you deserve and the only way you can do that is with a renovations system.

The 5 Rule of Renovations is a powerful system that teaches you what you need to create profitable renovations. You CAN gain the right knowledge to minimize your risk and maximize your return to double or even triple your income in one year. It’s a powerful way for you to create the change and career you want. Imagine how different your life would be, if you had specialized knowledge and a system to make 5 and 6 figure renovations?

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 Learn the Science of Getting Rich in Renovations with The 5 Rules of Renovation. This is a very specific plan, that takes the guesswork out of buying and selling property and teaches you the mindset you need to create the wealth you want.

  Learn the ‘Secrets to Property Styling for Selling’ and why our houses make more money than most. Cathy has developed a unique method she has used and made a lot of money with, which is NOT what you will learn in design school.

 Learn the method that almost guarantees your property will make a profit, minimizing your risk and maximizing your return. (This is where you make the money!)

 Build your Property Empire quicker by fixing up old houses and creating the extra equity you need, fast.

 Learn the physiology of selling your property to the right buyer who will pay you more money by evoking emotion in your property.

  Use Cathy’s ‘Renovation Winning Blueprint’ to never again spend more than you need too. (This virtually guarantee’s you stay on budget – every time!)

 Learn how we choose the right Agent and how you can work with them with a winning ‘Ad’ that sells your property BEFORE they arrive on Open Day.

DOUBLE your Income in Renovations this Year.

There IS a Science to Getting Rich in Renovations & its HERE:


Mentoring is for the serious, high achieving property investor who knows they have the ability to invest and renovate property but they know that to attempt this on their own, could hinder their success.

Cathy’s personal mentoring is for the investor/entrepreneur that would like to fast track their knowledge and ability to invest in more property by teaching you the principles of tried and tested mindset strategies that she has exposed herself too.

There is a science to getting rich and it starts when you invest in your knowledge and follow an exact plan. Everyone wants financial success, but not everyone succeeds.

Creating a profitable portfolio, means learning the secrets that successful entrepreneurs use to make more money in their businesses. Make this YOUR time to create that extra income or even leave your 9-5!

‘Mentor Me’ will be the right program for you.

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The 5 Rules of Renovation contains 6 modules and more than 16 videos, pdfs and, a ‘Secret Facebook Group’ where you are personally mentored. In the group program, you will learn:

The number #1 rule you must follow when it comes to presenting your renovated house for sale. Miss this and it could cost yourself thousands and thousands of dollars in lost profits.

The biggest mistake’s even experienced renovators make… make these mistakes and you’ll cost yourself thousands in lost profits.

Creating a ‘Designer Blueprint’ that is easy and calculates itself seems impossible, but once you do this, your Reno becomes much easier and, what to do every time to ensure you get maximum return on your property investment.

Have you lost money on property? Or have you purchased courses before and haven’t completed them? I’ve got you covered! This is the ONLY course that has personal mentoring inside of the group, 6 weeks of accountability and lifetime access to the group.


Take the CHALLENGE and ‘test’ The ‘NEW’ RULES OF RENOVATION today – it’s FREE. There’s a new way to make more money on your Property Portfolio. If you are new to property or you’re just new to The Renovation College, these 5 short 10 minute a day videos for 5 days, will give you great insight and new knowledge on exactly what it takes to create profitable renovation businesses.

This mini-course is like an essential guide to “Tiny budgets, BIG profits”. Without a system and a plan, your renovation could ‘blow out’ in costs!

You know, you need to get educated first!

This mini-course shows you the rules (steps) you need to get started.

And I want you to remember, no one started at the end. Every ‘master’ was a student first.

Hey, it yours for FREE. What are you waiting for?

Watch The 5 Rules of Renovation Mini-Course and challenge yourself to new information and a step closer to your property empire.

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What People Are Saying

I renovated my property using the course material, and I had just had it valued at $350,000. I did the course and spent $10,000 on a cosmetic makeover. I put new tenants in and immediately got a $20 per week increase in rent. 6 months later, my bank has re-valued my investment for $440,000. The course enabled me to ‘think bigger’. Recently my partner and I put a down payment on a penthouse unit which, is also anticipated to make me a lot of money – before its even been built. The course gave me the tools to get started by making money on property quickly.

Daniel Pavia

Student and Property Investor

During the course I looked for opportunities to apply the knowledge in various properties and it feels great to realize that with Cathy’s help I’ve been able to buy a house and add equity to all three houses, I and my husband own. She is also working with me 1 on 1 on the renovation of a property I’m converting into a Rooming house, which will increase my family’s passive income. I’m applying my new learning’s in my business. It’s a very exciting phase in my life. Cathy is great at teaching, & displays the behavior, & attitude to business and life that you seek in a great mentor” 

Paola Tapia

Founder and CEO: Refurb for Profit

“I would like to thank Cathy for such an outstanding job. At first I was skeptical as I have seen many people claim that they are a property guru. As an Investor and a real estate agent myself I find it hard to be impressed. There is nothing like getting into an experienced renovator’s head as it made me rethink what I thought I know. Cathy is very practical and down to earth and have no doubt that we she has show my wife and I will work. Recently, I decided to go for my builders license and renovate full-time. Thanks Cathy for being awesome – it’s time to make it happen!”

Jhai Mitchell

Digital Marketer and Renovator

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