What are some things DIY Renovators can do themselves and still add value to their property… (UPDATED MARCH 2018)

Here’s what 5 Professionals said:  5 RENOVATIONS YOU DON’T NEED A PROFESSIONAL FOR.

My No. 1 tip is to create an amazing ‘curb appeal’.

This is the first opportunity you have to impress new buyers. For a few hundred dollars, you can greatly improve your chances of getting more people to your ‘Open House Day’.

When I renovate a home, I spend quite a bit of time designing a front yard that looks fresh, tidy, has modern and low maintenance plants and an easy to care for lawn. (Check out the house I renovated AND made a gross profit of over 100 k…. simple, but effective!)

Other than tidying up the front to give it a better curb appeal, this homes appeal started in the front yard and followed all the way throughout the home.

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